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HOUSE, an immersive performance

Weltzheimer-Johnson Frank Lloyd Wright House

Oberlin, OH

(photo by Linus Ignatius)

Some of our recent clients (scroll for more):

Brand campaign for Fortunate Bones

Brooklyn, NY

(photos by Linus Ignatius)

Behind-The-Scenes photography on "Days of Grey"

Rejkjavik, Iceland

(photo by Linus Ignatius)

Zerstört, a large-scale immersive experience

Mitte, Berlin

(photos by George Nebieridze)

Creative Portraits at the Elliott Studio

Brooklyn, NY

(photos by Linus Ignatius)

POSITIVE, a radical documentary about HIV

RYOT Films

(poster design by Dougal Henken)

Linus Ignatius

Linus is a filmmaker and a performer working out of Berlin and NYC. He went to Oberlin College for theater and cinema studies, and attended the Prague Film School with a focus in Directing. He has been a videographer for The Wooster Group and for the Generations Project, as well as cinematographer for the feature film NOVA.


He is cofounder of Zerstört – a multidisciplinary nightlife art event in collaboration with Neu West Berlin (NPR Berlin’s "event of the month"). He also directed HOUSE – an immersive thriller set in a Frank Lloyd Wright house (pending theatrical release). His memoir film about HIV, Positive (RYOT Films) had its NYC premiere at the 30 Under 30 Festival in collaboration with the U.N. In 2017 he participated in the Emerge performance art fellowship (The Hemispheric Institute) and in 2018 he starred in Shem Reut's feature film "Faking Real."

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